Im Planning on putting Elixer Nanowebs 10-46 on my Ibanez XPT 700 Xiphos (when it gets to me), and To tune it to D Standard. Currently I have 9-52 D'Addarios on my Squier Strat without any FretBuzz in D Standard.

Think the Xiphos (Made in Korea) Would have good enough Craftmanship for No Fret buzz with Elixers .10-46?

Also, Ive heard these Strings give good Tone in general, So any truth to that? I know its Opinion, but any real Difference?
While craftmanship does contribute to how bad the fret buzz can get, changing the string guage on any guitar is gonna knock it out of whack, even if it's just a little bit.

Just go ahead and try it, and if there's fret buzz, just set up the bridge/neck.

I've tried Elixirs on my acoustic - IDK if they'd be better for electric - but they do last longer than normal strings due to the protective coat, and on acoustic they tend to sound a lot brighter for a lot longer.
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In my experience they sound and feel great, but aren't the best if you have a floating bridge.

How come?
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Im not a pro on these things but if a fret buzz comes around then just adjust the tremolo unit a little bit up.

And last day i decided to put elexir strings on my Ibanez S320 and they work perfect !