Okay, so I bought an Epiphone Les Paul Standard in July of 2008. It worked excellently until it conked out last November. Something with the wiring got messed up to the point where all I got was a loud buzzing out of it, no guitar sound at all. I found the wire that needed soldering, soldered it, and I managed to get sound again. About a week after I fixed it, my treble pickup diminished in quality; less sound comes out, not enough grind or punch like it used to have, and on the clean channel I can hardly hear it at all. And the rhythm pickup has slowly lost sound quality also, it's extremely muddy and I'm getting the feeling it's not getting all the gain it used to. So I took it to Best Buy in my town since they have a musical instrument section (with pretty decent guitars and amps, mind you....although, not a whole lot of good stuff. They really only have five amp types: Line 6, Vox, Marshall, Fender, and a Bogner Alchemist. Oh and some Crates and Ampegs....but nothing like @ Guitar Center) and they took it in for a week, then gave it back saying it was fixed, and restrung it for me (and did a God-awful job at that too). It cost $35 to "fix" it. And it wasn't fixed at all. And what's more, I don't know exactly what the problem is. In short, my guitar is the same, if not worse, than when I took it in to be fixed.


Does anyone know what's happened? Any suggestions on what I could do to fix it? Any suggestions that DON'T involve me driving down to Guitar Center? (I'm 17 but I lack a car and my dad, who knows nothing about guitars, won't drive me down there since it's a 15 minute drive south on the interstate)

Please help me; I want to fix this damn thing so I can sell it for money towards a new guitar, I need something to fit my Mesa. I think the pickups on my Epiphone are Alnico Classic passive humbuckers. I ordered it Factory Refurbished from Musicians Friend.

it`s the switch, use contact cleaner(sevisol) or compressed air to blow the dirt away, check wiring resolder if necessary.

use the searchbar (3rd thread involving the same guitar model in the last 7 days)
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