Well for starters, I know this is gonna sound completely stupid and insane on what im about to ask for. But I love Martins and I love old guilds, and I love some Gibson acoustics , maybe even few epiphone acoustics, but I'm really looking for Martin quality rip off guitars that's an acoustic/electric so that I can do sets with it. I have an Ibanez Acoustic Electric which I like but, it's a fairly ugly guitar, and it doesn't sound all too amazing. So I'd just like a couple suggestions of Martin style, copy guitars, I'll take looking on ebay, but i'd prefer guitars you can go to a guitarcenter or something and get.

Fyi: I know I'm retarded for basically asking "Can i get an amazing acoustic for under 400?" but i wanna see what you guys have to say. Much appreciation for the help.
You will NEVER find anything near Martin quality in a rip-off guitar.

Here's my suggestion:

Find a used Yamaha FG730S (you can probably find a used one for about $150-$200). Then install a K&K Pure Western Mini pickup in it (it costs about $123). You will be amazed how good that pickup is.
if you can go to $500, the yamaha fgx730sc is the acoustic electric version of the fg730s but with a cutaway. it's very good bang for your buck, and a good quality guitar.

if you're looking for a martin sound, get a blueridge BR-40 and when you can, add a pickup. blueridge is without a doubt the best priced of the martin clones that actually use quality woods and bracing which is part of what makes the sound, and although the BR-40 is their lowest model, it's solid top and good quality and you'll hear some of the martin sound you're hoping for. see the features at maury's, where it's $355 and they also have a short video http://www.maurysmusic.com/inc/sdetail/35958
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I've heard that Blueridge makes some good Martin-like guitars, and I have to say they do have a nice tone to them for a good price, but they come without electronics though, so you'd have to add your own (not necessarily a bad thing).

You could also try to track down a Sigma; It's basically what Epiphone is to gibson essentially (I think?). then again, You'd have to add electronics.

Basically at your budget, add electronics afterwards, so you can get more guitar for your money.
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