So i am looking for a new amp mostly with a killer clean tone(liking the fender HRD) because i havnt found an amp in my price range with a distortion i like so ill just use pedals...

but then i came across Mesa Boogie preamp(WHICH I WAS REALLY LIKING!!!)

So my question is if i buy a Fender HRD could i in the future hook a preamp to it so i cud have the nice cleans and mesa distortion...if so how?...if not how can i?

o ya do u guys know of any heads that come close to th hrd cleans..same watts etc.
Schecter C-1 classic
Fender Blues Junior

EHX metal muff
Digitech Hardwire delay
Rockband mic (gotta record some how)

new guitar: $282/$500
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