So a few weeks ago, on October 21st, my band and I played a show at a local club in Providence, RI. We paid $5 to get it recorded I've asked for other criticism and people say things like we need to improve our sound and technical ability, but we have a good feel/atmosphere.
Oh, and some people say crap about our singer, but I and the rest of the band think he's pretty good... He was sick when we played this show so he did really well, imo.

I was just curious what people here have to say, it's about our 6th show in the year and a half we've been together.

http://www.myspace.com/teearebee. The best songs there are 1001, Flightplan and Beware(which is the only cover, of a local funk band... so it's completely different, aside from the chord progression.)

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nice songs and if you ask me for five bucks thats a pretty damn good live recording
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