So up until about a month ago, i had very little idea on how to read or write a score, but now i am studying music at uni, i am starting to get to grips with it, i am still not great at it and it may take me a few minutes to familiarise myself with something, but i am definately progressing.

How many of you guys can actually read sheet music? I am saying this as i have just finished an assignment where you have to make an accompaniment for a melody, you are given the bass clef and treble clef, i didn't really find it so much hard as i did long and fairly tedious.

Think of that next time you are not allowed to laugh.
well luckily for me playing an instrument which requires to read music written with a bass clef and treble clef - i play piano - is a great advantage. but obviously reading a music score and playing it on guitar is a pain
I can read sheet music (I've been reading for about 8 years while playing violin) but I don't think reading sheet music is an absolute state as such, mainly because the rhythms can (and often do in advanced classical music) get incredibly difficult.
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but obviously reading a music score and playing it on guitar is a pain

People only say this because of TABS.
I personally wish TABs were never invented. It makes it possible for people to learn songs without even knowing what key it's in, what notes they're playing, how they could improvise over it... You come across people who say they're really good at guitar and as soon as you say, cool lets jam they're like 'wwhhhaaa?!'


I believe everyone should be able to read music.

yes. I read sheet music. In treble, alto, and bass clef.

You;ll notice a lot of music written for guitar tells you what string to play a note, and what finger to use when it isn't blatantly obvious.
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Having started playing jazz about three months ago, I had to learn to read standard notation as well(because of the fake books etc.). And writing stuff I come up with in standard notation has truly helped me at becoming better at it. But to answer your question; yes I do(kinda).

Note; back when I was eleven or twelve or so, I played an instrument that required me to read from a treble cleff, so I had kind of a head start.

And I'm in an orchestra now, and they don't do TABs.