I'm finishing up my metal bands EP but I'm not sure how to record metal vocals, does anyone have any tips on making them sound crisp???
use a bit of compression, some reverb or echo, and then play with the EQ until it sounds its best.
it really is something more along the lines of like "Nothing ventured, nothing gained" i don't know what your looking for aside from metal vocals. anything specific? a metallica-like eq on that one song on that one album? or that vocal effect from some mastadon song?

in anycase, ya gotta just start tweeking around with the parameters and stuff. different mics bring different sounds and tones so uhh... good luck?
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head full of ideas.
eq compression
eq compression
some more eq and compression
did i mention eq and compression?
also if you know how to multi band compress you should try that
yeah.. if you want to hear the music then its at my page

im really lookin for almost black dahlia murder highs with behemoth lows? maybe some traditional hardcore pissed off vocals too.. just not sure how to pull it off haha