I am very wide open for what to get, guitar/amp. I have a lower end jackson guitar (seen here ) a microcube and a crybaby wah.

i play metal, but i do play clean fairly often. (and just various others from time to time, so i don't rly want a one trick pony) I don't have an exact price range, just generally on the cheaper side.

extra info: I've been wanted a guitar with a floyd, and i play at low volumes, so now 100 watt tube amps haha.
Well, low volumes and metal clash quite heavily (pun haha) but id look in to ibanez guitars as for reasonably priced versatile guitars.
Also look at Cort Guitars for good value. The ideal amp for you is the Hayden MoFo (not sure if they are available outside EU) 30w head switchable to 5w for practice and great sound at a fair price. If its home only use, you can't go far wrong with the Blackstar HT-5.
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check out schecters. They have a model with a floyd rose I think. I play anything from strapping young lad to potrugal. the man on mine

EDIT: check out agile guitars as well
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thanks for the suggestions!
considering my general lower volume problem, would something like a pod or a pedal be good?
Pod? Maybe then again if you can afford it a low watt tube amp such as the blackstar ht-5 would be suited for you. As for guitar maybe a used MIJ Ibanez RG. Honestly though if you just even get a ballpark figure up you'll have better responses because you've just asked for any guitar and any amp that people can recommend.