I've been playing guitar for three years now, I am really good at making rhythm guitar, and I wanted to try to become good at lead guitar too.

I know the basic patterns for the pentatonic scales, and I know the formula to make a Major/Minor key.

Is using those scales a good way to build accuracy and soloing? or are there better scales to improve soloing?
Practing any scale will help your soloing technique. I recommend dorian cause it can help your pinky. remember, soloing is not just going up and down scales really fast, it's about making that guitar speak. (hopefully you already know that). Try working on utilizing other techniques like bending and what not
Yeah, basically when I practice soloing (for example, today I played to a jam track in the Key of G major/E minor) I played the notes and sometimes incorporated some patterns of the scale, but it just seems hard to know where to go next and what to do.

I am also trying to play a bit faster.

Besides my soloing problem, got any ideas on to move faster on the fretboard?
Yeah, I guess, haha.
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Learning guitar solos that you like can be really helpful. It's important to really learn the solo.. learn it enough to see how it works, then you can take lines from the solo and use it in your own soloing
Soloing is a large topic - understanding how to solo over certain chords, phrasing, technique, , theory, etc but a great way is to learn songs/solos.

I usually teach a powerful method of learning the fretboard by practicing the C major scale in 5 shapes along the fretboard (CAGED). These can be shifted around for other keys. You can then target chord tones to better reflect the chord changes. A lot less to learn than all the modes/scales that you learn but never know what to do with.
I recommend learning the modes, and practice them with different sequences, then learn to play them fast and create speed licks of them.

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Thanks for all the tips!
"Your position and your relationship with music has to be one from the inside." - John Frusciante