some songs to start on, with not too much strumming (because I REALLY suck at it, not kidding, i cant do it lol)

Its the first time I play guitar and Ive learned sunshine of your love, smoke on the water, la bamba & picture book. I skip the chords part because I cant change from chord to chord that fast besides I really suck at strumming lol

p.s: any tips on strumming/ doing chords?

thank you
Practice and it will come

Edit: Wow my first response kinda sucked sorry. But just keep practicing those chords and strum with a metronome. Start it slow and do 4 beats to a chord and then change. Soon you will get faster and faster and strumming/changing will be easy.
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so i shouldnt practice on songs right now?
only... strumming chords?

oh, where can I find ametronome online lol
try time of your life greenday.
stumming is simple(d,d,u,u,d,u) and the chords are easy (g,c,d,em) so you will get great practice from it.
You really should learn to strum. Single note picking comes later.
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