Recently bought an Ibanez that came equipped with the Edge III bridge system. Well, i was replacing strings and my wrench fell behind the float and got caught between that and the body. The end of the bridge dropped because of massive spring tension and the float dropped onto the wrench and something popped. Any ideas as to what may have happened to it? It appears severed and slightly out of place. Also having problems float height, string replacement, and configuring a good set-up for the bridge. Any and all input will help.
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what appears severed?

There's no "float" on any kind of Floyd Rose (the Edge three, for all intents and purposes, is a Floyd Rose).

Do you mean the string lock screws or the fine tuners?
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it`s probably come off the knife edge, take it to a experienced tech, the bridge will need removing and reinstalling if it has.

and did you have to do the entire post in bold text, it made it hard to read `cos i couldn`t focus......grr
the wrench fell behind the fine tuners and the thing dropped, snapping and severing somewhere along the left side if you look from the bridge up.
ok , well something snapped

bring it to a proffesional
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