I found a great deal on a randall warhead today and got it but i was previously looking into buying a bugera 6262. kinda new to amp stuff but i was wondering if you guys think i should stick with the warhead or go for the bugera. the place i got the warhead says i can return it within 7 days for full money back. only payed like $320 for it.
If you like the warhead keep it
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Warhead is solid state IIRC, and the Bugera is tube. However, I've never played a Warhead, but tube amps almost always sound better than SS amps.
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well i love the warhead but i was really interested in the sound of the 6262 but havent had a chance to play one so i dont know how much more i will like it. and the warhead being a solid state is the one thing that kind of turned me off of it but it is sounding pretty awesome right now.
hmm.... what's your musical style?

what do you intend to use the amp for? mostly home practice or gigging?
im into all sorts of metal from stuff like kyuss to slayer to divine heresy and stuff. probably not going to be gigging for a while so just home practice and jamming with friends. hopefully getting a drum set soon though.
There's a decent A/B comparison of a Warhead and a 6505+ (6262) on YouTube i'm at work so can't get link atm but try out the Bugera and see which one you like better