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203 87%
30 13%
Voters: 233.
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Personally, I cut them off. But its more a style thing than functionality
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Depends. If they are in the way yes. If not no.
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i never used to, then i almost poked myself in the eye with the end of a string. now i always cut them.
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i don't if its just a new string, usually cause i'm too lazy. If i find a pair of wire cutters, i'll cut them off, but i've gone through stings without them ever getting cut
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i never used to, then i almost poked myself in the eye with the end of a string. now i always cut them.

lol same. Style wise I liked my guitar best when I had them all cut except the D. But in reality leaving them uncut isnt as punk/grunge as one might think.
well im not the type who likes getting stabbed by strings whenever i tune them so i cut them, my dad doesnt and it pissed me off when i used it
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I think it's just down to a whole number of factors.

My 2 reasons for not doing it would be that i couldn't be arsed going to the garage and getting a tool to cut them (aka laziness), and also i'm just playing in my room so i don't really need it to be tidy or anything.

Weirdly my dad doesn't play guitar or any instrument but tells me to cut the end of my strings off cause he knows it can be cut and looks tidier.

If i was ever playing a gig, i would make sure to cut them.
I go like halfway. I cut them, but I leave like and inch and a half of space up there so then if I bump into them, they aren't so stiff and poke me. They are short enough where they don't make noise or swing around, but long enough to move on contact
It looks so much nicer to have them cut...
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cut. unless i have nothing to cut them with
I do it exactly 2 days after the restringing. That way after the strings have stretched, i can still make adjustments.

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I cut them, I didn't once and poked myself several times until I finally got around to cutting them. Now I just do it from the get-go.
cut. they go out of tun e quicker if left uncut
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Yes, I do cut them. I can't stand to have them flailing around and what not.
I play bass so I have to cut them. I have no choice because of how they're wound around the peg.
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To me it suggest that you don't have any respect for the maintenance of your instrument when left uncut. That and it looks really messy and is annoying.
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I play bass so I have to cut them. I have no choice because of how they're wound around the peg.

i couldn't find my wire cutters so i just used my entire string. it looks fucking stupid but it works.
Personally I actually cut them before putting them through. Makes it much easier for me. But meh, to each their own
not cut, but then they go into a foam red nose on my head stock, kinda like his hair. goes well with the facial expression on said nose.

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i cut them because i dont want to get stabbed in the eye. nor do i want the strings brushing all over the tops of my fingers when i play
i cut them leftover string annoys me, and its pretty dangerous
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