Im gonna get this for recording guitar. What cord am I going to need to connect this to my laptop? Could I get a link? Also what kind of Mic should I get?
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Don't buy the mixer - it's a waste of time, I dunno where all the people on UG get this idea that you need a mixer for recording - it is NOT necessary, at all. In fact its a big waste of time, you dont need all those options, they're all in the box anyway, all you need is INPUTS and a way to connect those inputs to your pc - usually via usb or firewire (for more expensive intefaces).

Get a 1 or 2 channel interface that connects via usb and has a 1/4" jack and XLR input, and if you want to record your amp get an sm57.
yeah a mixer for 1 or 2 instruments (or a vocal) is really not needed - he's right - you need an interface not a mixer. Most recording DAW's have software mixers in them and for your needs they'll suffice.
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