All right I don't know much about theory or anything, everything I know is from just playing other songs and hearing what sounds good... But I wrote a little riff thing and how do I base my chords and solo for the rest of the song off of this?

Its on the top three strings using
7 8 10
7 8 10

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lolwut, atleast give a tunning or note names dud, n... a measurement would help, wat u do is basically add a ermmm no......... well ya, play some songs and know the notes, play a chord progression based off the notes of the lead/riff you're playing n... ya idk how to explain it, im no expert
Well I'd suggest using chords from the Em scale:
Em, F#Dim, G, Am, Bm, C, Dm

The best way is to take the main note of each bar, half bar, or whenever you want to change chords, and then use a chords in which that note belongs.

eg. if the main note is E, then you would be best using the chord of Em, Am, or C.
Hope this isn't confusing and I hope it helps