Okay, so I'm pretty sure that there may be some info about this in a sticky, but I'm only interested in quickly getting a couple opinions from you guys, so indulge me.
I'm tabbing out a song in notepad, using the guitar pro version for reference (there's only one version, so I thought I'd help people who like to print it off)
There are three parts: 12 string acoustic used during occasional refrains for chords, a main guitar that never has a rest, and a solo guitar that plays during the bridge and outro.
My question is whether I should make three lines of tab (for the 3 parts) running throughout the whole thing, or just have extra parts come in where they play (that way you don't have half a page of blank tab.
Gimme your thoughts dudes...
Guitar Pro actually has an export to ASCII feature, which automatically converts whatever is tabbed in the file into a ".txt".
I can't believe I didn't know about this.
Although, it has been kinda fun just tabbing out the whole song, if not time consuming.
Thanks for the info, though, and the guidance.