Alright, so I've planned out what I want in a guitar, and now I just need people with more experience than me to tell me what to get. Essentially, I want a guitar with H/S/H PUP's and 24 frets J/XJ sized. Kinda vague, I know, but they are the main technical things that I would like. Now I just need your help with the sound So if you could just give me any ideas, the pros and cons and the rough pricing, I would be much appreciative. Thanks Muchly
I hate to say it, but that is a lot to ask of everyone else. You should start spending time and look around at shops like zzounds.com and musiciansfriend.com. You will find all the user review you need to make an educated decision, as well as pricing. You can then cross reference the prices with Guitar Center, and Ebay to find where you'd get the best deal. It is quite a bit of research, but it is not hard. Good luck!
What kind of music do you play?
Body style preferences?
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Bridge would be a Floyd preferably. I don't really know enough about the different tonalities of wood to know that unfortunately. Play mostly metal, but not really heavy stuff. Personally like the strat, or more the superstrat shape. Budget would be somewhere up to about 1000.
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