Hello Pit,

I'm taking a journalism course at my high school, and I'm doing a piece on music networking. So, I decided to contact somebody from the website Indaba (if you don't know it, check it out, it's great).

Anyway, eventually they emailed me back and I was directed to co-founder, EVP, and highly sought-after bassist (he apparently played with SRV ). His name...

... Mantis Evar.

And besides the fact that he may just have the coolest name ever, I have been cooresponding with him and now we're going to schedule an interview for sometime this week or next.

So Pit, I ask you, are there any legitimate questions (or non-legitimate questions if I'm feeling up to it) that you would like me to ask Mr. Evar?

View his Indaba profile here

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... Mantis Evar.

And besides the fact that he may just have the coolest name ever...

I think you'll find you mean, "The coolest name EVAR..."

Oh! Oh ho ho ho

Well my first question would be "How many different bands have you played with and who were they?" or something to that extent.

Favorite musicians, favorite band he played in, etc.
His biggest inspirations is always a safe one to go with.

Or recently released music that he's enjoying would be quite interesting
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