I just purchased myself a set of new Dunlop strap locks. The directions say i need to drill a hole and then screw them in. Must i do this? Or can i install them in the standard holes? The guitar is an Epiphone Les PAul Standard.
It depends, check out the size of the hole they want you to drill in relation to the size of the hole you already have, it may even be too large
Since the holes in one of my guitar were too large, i filled them with epoxy and glued the screws in place.

Another guitar had no problem, them matched up fine.
Just in case somebody has a similar problem.

I installed these a few years ago and found that the screws that came with the Straplocks where too small in diameter, so i took the original screws, went to the grinder...
And ground the head of the screw to fit inside the straplock piece. Took about 2 minutes.

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