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Started off being inspired by BTBAM's new album and Colors, then started to incorporate lots of melodic death metal and grindcore elements into it.

My biggest influences in this song were probably BTBAM, Kalmah, and stereotypical Bossa Nova music.

Anyways, I have titled this song "Perception Dissonance", just because, and I hope you enjoy it

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That was really good actually, the only part I didn't really like was bars 46-136, the song kind of lost its creativeness during that part, but it was still fun to listen to nonetheless. Bars 1-46 was very BTBAM/Born Of Osiris status, I really enjoyed it, and 136-on...well, it was just right.
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Thanks for checking it out/ commenting. I admit, I always resort to generic melodeath when I'm stuck in a rut as to what to put in a certain part of a song

glad you enjoyed the proggy parts though
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That's a pretty relentless intro

I actually liked the measure 46-61, but 62-69 was pretty boring. Busy it up (obviously not too much, since it might kill the mood that I think your going for)

You had a good idea from 70-73, but after that it got to be too repetitive to really listen to

The solos, and especially the build-up before and follow-up after the solos were really thought out, and my favorite parts

And the ending was...unique
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I agree that it was a little repetitive in places, but I liked it. My favourite bit by far was the outro, it just changed so much and still sounded great.
The solo trading was pretty sweet.
One thing I'm interested about was what you were trying to do with the bass. It was tuned to guitar D standard (same octave too).
Anyway, for something I wouldn't usually listen to, it held my attention well.

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Immaculate, as always.

All the riffs were powerful and nothing seemed out of place, although I must question the playability of this piece.
With enharmonic replacement (displacement?), it would make it more realistic to play cleanly, especially at that tempo.

Bossa Nova outro really stood out. As contrary as it was to the rest of the piece, damn. You really made it work.
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Wow. I could have sworn this song is from Silent Circus... despite the melodeath part after chorus. I liked the song, it doesn't need anything, that's some good prog hc. If I were you I would just take off the breakdown. The end is very BTBAM'ish, nice bass line. I liked the chord progression.

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This was very pleasing for me to listen to. Usually when I see BTBAM influenced it's nothing like them and not very good to me... This on the other hand wow amazing. I am not as savy as a writer as you are so I had no problem with the part they were talking about. Awesome job dude 10/10!

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I usually laugh to idea of progressive death metal, but this really changed my mind. It sounds sometimes like metalcore tough. Nice solos and sick bassline (Two octaves down still please XD). Intro is pretty heavy and reminds me of tech death. It really goes too much like metalcore. Acoustic end was awesome idea.