Saving for this guitar and will hopefully get it this xmas and if not then definitely by april (my bday).

I've done extensive research on a plethora of different guitars over the past year or two and then this one for the better part of that time. I'm interested in hearing actual opinions and in depth speculation from others though. Not that it'll effect my judgment all too much but I'm just interested.
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IMO, you can't go wrong with USA Jackson. I don't know specifics about WR1's except they are really good guitars with amazing feel, sound, and durability. Remember, all Jacksons have a lifetime warranty. All I can say is, I've had mine for 20 years now and it hasn't had any problems...yet. The sound is amazing, the feel of the neck, and the vibration through the body as you hit a chord are awesome. The original FR locking nut never goes out of tune no matter how much I beat on it and the pups make me smile. I've never played another guitar like it. If you have not tested one of these, I suggest you do so before buying. Compare it against a similar price range guitar like an Ibanez or other kind of shredder. Good luck.
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