Well, I'm pretty decent at guitar even though I don't even have any effects outside of my crappy onboard distortion, and no recording equipment, and I'm just feelin up to jamming with a couple people. Write a couple songs, get some experience, and just have some fun. Maybe we might get a small profit, but for the most part, I want to focus on just making music.
I'm up for either old school rock like AC/DC, KISS, and such, to Pink Floyd psychadelic rock (I'm a huge fan of Pink Floyd) to Punk like Sex Pistols and the Ramones. So yeah, I'm pretty open.

So anyone want in?
What do you mean by onboard distortion?

Not really interested in joining, but maybe i can help you get better tone.
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yh id be up for that.
id love to do some sort of psychadelic rock/acidrock type thingon the vein of early floyd (the embryo typ stuff), ultimate spinache, white summer, 13th floor elevators etc.
I can record guitar with awesome quality on mu lin6 pod thing.
I can play piano, guitar(only have access to acoustic till I can get a new electric) and keyboards. I also have access to a couple of programs.
I have a couple of years of experience on both piano and guitar.
PM or e-mail me at finalconflictpro@yahoo.com if you're interested.