I just preordered the peavey 6505 plus 112 combo. Do you guys think the cleans can sound like specifically a red hot chili peppers tone?
Yeah, I'm gonna say no.
The 6505 is a really really dirty amp.
You're definitely looking for something pretty pristine for RHCP.

With low output pickups - single-coils on a strat, jaguar, etc - you might be able to get something passable though - but it won't nail it spot on.
Well thign is i play more distortion stuff rather than clean. I just really like rhcp's tone as well so i was wondering
It plays pretty clean actually, just keep the pre low and don't max the volume out on your guitar and you'll be good. If it's still breaking up roll back the tone knobs.
Yeah, it CAN get a pretty decent clean if you set it up right and play with the guitar volume.

The distortion on it is awesome definitely though.
It can certainly sound way better then that video, but for the stuff Ax silent line is talking about, like around the world and can't stop, you're going to have some issues with anything other then fendery guitars.

I've gotten decent snappiness on it with many strats, but if you're looking for variety in your snappiness and pops, I'd say you should be looking at fender amps or classic 30.
It would probably help to get a equalizer pedal, and of course a guitar with a single coil pickup would help as well.
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