Hey dudes,

After watching a bunch of ANVG and Nostalgia Critic, I had the urge to start up my own video series. I find guitar picks fascinating and always wonder why players use their favorite picks so I developed a series that will review guitar picks and find out whats so intriguing about them. I base my score on grip, feel, size, performance, and even sound! I play different styles of music using the pick and even try it out on acoustic.

Dunlop Tortex

Dunlop Ultex

I plan on making 1 episode per week. Thoughts, suggestions, requests, and advice would be appreciated.
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Pretty cool idea, could open up people to different picks, I've used fender picks since I started, might as well try some new ones.
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I plan on getting to Fender picks! I'm going to be doing a bunch of different picks. And yes, I hope this opens up some players' thoughts about trying out new picks. I really think that picks have a lot to do with technique and accuracy.
Don't forget the whole Dunlop Jazz series Nylon black, Nylon Red, Eric Johnson and John Petrucci signatures, Ultex, and Tortex I personally love both the Nylon black and purple Tortex Jazz picks, and my friend likes the Ultex,
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I use the Dunlop 3 MM Big Stubby picks because they are rediculously great sounding, as they are very thick with ends that gradually roll off, giving you more controll over dynamics than a flat pick and they also have quite a grip to them in my opinion.
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Yes, I'll be reviewing those guitar picks!

[quote="'[BurnTheDusk"]']I use the Dunlop 3 MM Big Stubby picks...

I'll keep that in consideration when I review those picks! I own the same pick and have my own thoughts about it as well. Thanks.