I have one of these amps laying around.

Ever since I have gotten it, you would have to bend the power cord in a certain direction to get power through to the amp and then tape it to get it to stay. It is a 2 prong cord so I figured I should replace it anyways and this problem will be solved.

So then after that, I plug my guitar in and play. It sounds dirty. Really dirty. This is after I cranked it fully and ran a Boss OD pedal through it to keep up with my friend. It sounds icky and just crummy. Kind of like if an amp was starting to cut out, but never actually got to the point of cutting out. Could this be the speaker?

So what I want to now is this:
How much would it take to get the 2 prong cable replaced with a 3 prong cable. There is a place near that has a guy who would do it. What is the average price? I don't think I could do it my self.

And secondly, does it sound crummy because of the speaker? Did I blow it?
You need to have a tech look this old pig over.

The 3 prong replacement shouldn't cost more than $25 - $30.

But a simple cap job/tube change is probably in order if you can't recall the last time it had one. After that, if it still had issues - I'd consider a speaker swap.
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A recap would cost more than the amp is worth...
It has never been recapped.

Then the amp is worth nothing, because it needs, among other things it sounds like, new caps.
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