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Do you remember theses fellas?

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Sadly, they disbanded about 7 years ago...

I rather listen to them than to shitty mainstream Good Charlotte or Simple Plan!

PS: Best description I've ever read about them:

"Although the pop/punk scene has been completely destroyed by the majors, there still exists a stable underground culture of purists who haven't traded it all in for the bright lights and flashy tour busses. Mi6 know what real punk's about. They keep the flame alive with songs that are primal yet intricate, upbeat yet introspective. OK, they're feeding off a structure that was invented almost two decades ago, but it works perfectly, so why **** with it? With one listen, you instantly know that there is still a future for punk with harmonic sensibility, and it doesn't involve fat cheques and losers who think Good Charlotte invented mohawks."

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Edit - Also, I've never heard of them. And the reporting is nothing personal, this just isn't the place for them.
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I honestly don't see any difference between that band and bands like Good Charlotte.
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