I've been playing for a little less than a year now, and hate playing with a pick (just love the feeling of thumb on strings) and I want to start getting into finger-picking.

Any advice of what songs to start with?
What technique?
Practice routine?

Anything would help... from what problems I might have in the future, to what I should work on most. Thanks in advance.

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try and keep your fingers assigned to 1 string like: thumb takes care of the low E,A,D strings and the index finger on the G, middle finger on the B and ring finger on the high E - this is also called PIMA.

the intro to Unforgiven by metallica is pretty easy
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not really a beginner song but its easy once you get the hang of it (plus this song means alot to me as it reminds me of a loved one - but i wont get into that).

Eric Clapton - Tears in Heaven.

Beautiful song to play!
yeah i know what you mean bro, i started getting used to playing with a pick, but i still like just fingers better, you find the strings a lot easier and plucking is amazingly awesome ha

im trying to learn some of this to..

so ill be looknig on here for more advice
Quote by Rocketface2112

the intro to Unforgiven by metallica is pretty easy

The first I learned too!! X2 on this post!

The nice thing about The Unforgiven intro is that you use your thumb, index, middle and ring fingers so it's a good exercise. Kind of difficult to get it up to speed but highly recommended for those beginning to fingerpick not to mention the melody is very haunting.

I've switched to using nothing but my fingers. The only downside is that it can make it a little tricky to palm mute. You can still do it but it is tricky. Good Luck!!

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Way WAY back in the olden days, I started out my fingerstyle routine with Travis-style repetitions of various chord changes. Find tunes that you like that use this right-hand pattern. A lot of early CSNY uses this technique (yes sadly, I am THAT old) along with many Beatles tunes (listen to "Julia"and "Dear Prudence" for example).

I don't agree with the idea of assigning a particular finger to a particular string...first of all, there are SIX strings and only FIVE fingers, unless your folks are cousins! YIKES!

NAH...keep it fluid...whichever finger/string combo is available is the one you should use. You're probably only going to use 3 to start with anyway. Once you learn a pattern (you can just make them up, you know) you should find ways to vary them. Listen to Lindsay Buckingham (late of Fleetwood Mac), a master of fingerstyle patterns loosely based on Travis picking.