Alright, I previously played, sampled, considered and researched over 30 guitars, I recently came to a conclusion with the help of the Ultimate Guitar community, that I was going to get something from the Ibanez ART series, but all I need to know now is one simple question, which should I go for, the ART 100/120 or the ART 300/320? Is there much difference between both guitars? I've seen the pros and cons of both makes, the ART 300/320 is really distorted and not very good clean, but it's presentable, has active pickups and has great action. The 100/120 suits more of my quality of genre and has mainly everything the ART has. I'll lengthen this down. Basically, anyone who knows something about this guitar and actually owns one/owes one, could you explain to me whether there's much difference?
Why don't you just go to a local store and play each one then pick whichever you like best??

Unless you have no stores and you're ordering online... in which case my bad.
Pink Floyd
Active pickups can be thoroughly clean if you back off of the gain on your amplifier. I like the ART320 (without the lizard finish), and the ART420 even more (spalted maple top). The main difference between the 300 series and the 100 series is that the 300 series has a mahogany body with a maple top. The 100 series is all mahogany. Both are fine guitars, and either one will serve you well.
I play the ART 100 and I like it. It can give you a variety of tones. The big difference between the two is that the 300 uses active pickups, so if you prefer that sort of style the 300 might be more for you.