Since I've been a member here I have noticed that nearly every time I log on there is someone asking for help in either buying a new guitar or upgrading their existing equipment. There are A LOT of people that read the forums with tons of experience that could help out these people (you). However, there are some ground rules that I would like to set that will make the process a little easier:

1. What is your budget?
2. What kind of equipment do you use? (amp, pedals, etc.)
3. What type of music do you play?
4. What type(s) of guitar are you looking at, if any?
5. Most important, have you tried your selection(s) out?

The last is a big one because most of the advice is going to be dependent on you. The advisers cannot make true judgments on equipment as it is individual taste that matters the most. If there are any specific items you feel that should be added to the rules or just in general, either state it here or on my profile page. I hope this thread will prove useful to everyone. Peace.
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Good idea for a thread...hope it gets the "sticky" treatment!
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Dude seriously this won't work...Many ppl tried it! Sorry for the spamming though...You can delete my post after you read it!
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We already tried this (I'm quite sure), and it didn't work out.
But we can try again. :/

Yep there's even a freaking epic write up in a sticky already but yet people don't read them. Anyway shit happens no0bs don't know everything off the bat and the ones that are still vague after being asked a bunch of questions we can just mock and make them feel sad.
love the idea! even if it's just a $200 to $500 thread. it seems like those are the normal price ranges. anyway, i've seen other people try these threads and they never stick around for long, but i hope one does one day. it would be great to have a few less "what guitar?" threads around.
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Bad idea. This never works. Not enough people are going to scan through the thread looking for someone to help, and those who do come in here would more likely be looking for advice for themselves. People would be reposting over and over again until someone responds. Plus there's the bumping issue. People's issues would be overshadowed by other people's issues, there'd be more problems than solutions posted, everyone's posts would be entangled with each other's and it would just be a huge mess.
This stickied thread does that and more


Maybe its time it was refined a little with some of your sugestions

+1 to you TS for trying to help out the forums :-)
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Thanks for all the encouragement and feedback everyone. 1n, you made some fantastic comments. Tatsumaru, I'll check out the thread you mentioned. Thanks again. Has anyone actually asked the 'management' about some kind of thread like this? Thanks again.
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it doesnt work,
because guys dont check the thread daily,
posts get lost or ignored.
less people post to help,
EG is basically fine with the guitar buying questions anyway.

we like a busy section.

it's pretty much the only type of threads worth responding to anyway.

the rest in EG are NADs, set up questions, or spam.

i tried to help in the one they had in basic for a while,

it was impossible to go back and forth with guys to help them in there.

guys want (and deserve) their own thread anyway. thanks for trying tho.

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Set up Questions? ...Q & A Thread

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it`s too complicated, the market is flooded with guitars in every price range,for every genre etc.

peeps are always going to offer the same generic answers, it`s often the case that peeps don`t read the reviews or the reviews are false `cos they`ve not had the guitar for more than a few weeks or days.

the people that start the "which guitar threads" need to spend a week or to trying guitars rather than looking at guitar porn on the various mail order sites and asking for our opinions.

i also think that some peeps see a guitar on a site and ask "is it any good" etc, without actually having the means/intention to buy it, just for the sake of starting a thread. how many of the queries result in a NGD thread (not alot)

it took me 3 months to buy my Jem, (i must of played 10 or 12 different Jem7vwh`s until i found the one i liked, every guitar including identical models is different at every price point, try as many as possible then part with the cash.........
There's actually a lot of these threads floating around.
The search bar has a function, you know.
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yep, good idea, as jenny/jj1565 says, though, most people don't read it. I think there's something along those lines already in the sticky, but it's probably got lost among the other reams of text...

big problem is always having enough info that it's worth reading, but little enough that it doesn't put people off.
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