okay so i have a single coil MIM fender strat,run through a fender frontman 25r.ive been playing for about 10 months,im looking to get a different and hopefully better tone out of it.looking for a sound like clapton or hendrix,SRV,blues and rock.just wondering about my options,how i would be able to get something around the sound im looking for.i only have about 500 dollars to spend at the moment what kind of wah pedal and fuzz or distortion box should i get,and what kind of amp.Thanks for the help,cant seem to make up my mind theres so many options for a noob.
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well, if you've only been playing for 10 months, you probably should just hang on for a little bit longer with what you've got. But if you're desperate for new stuff, try a Blues Jr.
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I have a crappy solid state 30w practice amp to...

But kind of figured out, if you set it like : gain - 8, Treble - 7 mids - 3 , bass - 7 , master - 3 and a good deal of reverb on it and a bluesdriver og ds-1 and eventually a wah in front of it...

you should get a Layla - clapton, scrambeling sound...