So here's a partially improvised solo i did over a sort of generic A minor chord progression, i know the playing's a bit sloppy and i probably repeated a few melodic ideas too many times for it to work as is, but do you guys think it (or a more thought out version of it) good enough to put in a song, maybe as an intro or something?
any other (constructive) criticism or comments welcome too


I agree, i think it is a little long, cut about 45 seconds to a minute off of that and i could def see it being an intro to a song. Nice playing
it was alright, theres no reason not to develop it into a full song, i dont think that would be too hard.
i think that you could cut down the length of the solo, or at least work on your phrasing a little because it got a bit stale to me after a while.
i think you have the basis of something really cool there, now it just needs some developing
nice shirt too
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Is that a caparison your playing with, btw?

The guitar in the picture? that's an LTD 7 string, but this recording was made on a PRS