hey guys for quite some time i had been using 0.9 strings on my electric and its only when i restrung today with a pack of 0.10's that my playing sounded dramatically cleaner.

does anyone know why this would happen?
you might be pushing down TOO hard on the frets, which causes the string to have a slight bend, creating a slightly out note, with the 10's obviously thicker making the extra force you use with the 9's balanced for the 10's
2 reasons. 10s are less likely to be influenced by the small inaccuracies we all make in our playing, so they tend to make us sound more consistent. Also, 10s have a stronger, clearer sound for the pickups, so we experience better definition.
Remember also, that old strings will sound pretty dull anyway, so going up a gauge tends to give your clarity a double boost.
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i hate using light string gauges because they don't resonate as long, and the high strings are often quieter then the lower.
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I didnt think there was that much of a difference between 0.9's and 0.10's

For sounding clearer, a thicker string should resonate more ..
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It's easier to pick the .9's, I'd suggest using heavy picks.
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Lower tension means you pick them and finger them with less pressure, and you're applying the same amount of pressure - you're "overshooting" the string with the pick. That's my explanation.

I personally can't play with anything below .0095's on a 25.5" guitar - or .011's on a 24.75" guitar.
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^ yup. light strings flab too much.
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Light strings have too much give, 10;s seem a little harder to bend at first but they are easier to play fast on and sound beefier.
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