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Yeah, I have to all the time
47 46%
yes, but just for reading, etc
19 19%
36 35%
Voters: 102.
I got my eyes tested today, and now, I have to get glasses. But I was just wondering, how many of you guys wear them too? Do you have to wear them all the time, or just for reading, etc? Mine are just for class. I'd love to just get a general idea.

Edit: Oh, and it includes contacts too.
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I am short sighted, so I should wear glasses all the time, but I generally don't. From the sound of it, my eyes are a bit worse than yours. A few years ago I needed glasses "just for class".

That said, it's not bad. It makes me look smarter and sophisticated. And if you hate glasses, yay for contact lenses!
Just for working. I'm short sighted, too much computer for me.

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Is it dufficult putting contacts in?
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Its about 60/40, no glasses/glasses for me. My eyes are mostly fine without them, but wearing them only improves my depth perception and clarity. Mostly wear them if I'm particularly tired or concentrating (reading/class/fixing things). Haven't lately because they knock around my relatively fresh piercing, but i'll be back to them soon.
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Is it dufficult putting contacts in?

It was for the first few times.. But after that not at all..
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Is it dufficult putting contacts in?

in the beginning yes. it took me a good ten minutes an eye the first week i had contacts. after that, you get used to sticking something in your eye. anymore, it only takes me a few seconds to put them in.
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I need 'em for driving, reading, and surfing the web/watching TV. I love glasses though, prefer them over contact lenses big time.
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I wear contacts, have done that for a three-four weeks now. I use my glasses for reading now.
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Is it dufficult putting contacts in?

Not really. Just make sure your fingers don't have too much of the solution on them, or the lens'll stay on your finger when you try to put it in. They cling to wet things, you know.

And if you didn't figure it out already, yes, I have to wear glasses or contacts. Everyone in my family does, with my dad being the final one to get them last year. I have the worst vision in my family, actually. I can barely make out individual objects without glasses or contacts, but only just barely.

I should just call them "corrective lenses," like they do on DMV forms. It sounds better.
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I wear glasses now, because that the contacts broke and i have to wait 1-2 weeks for the custom lenses to arrive. (i have +11 and +12).

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I do wear glasses on occasions, but majority of the time I wear contacts.

I am very blind btw.
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Im supposed to wear them for most things, but they have been misplaced/stolen and no one wants to give out eye test where I live, so im struggling through, but I've worn them for the majority of my life, but only for reading/driving/films.
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I wear glasses all time
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I have to wear glasses to drive. I ought to wear them at gigs and stuff, so that I can see more than indistinct blobs on stage. But I generally forget about it until I'm inside, and then it's too late.

All musicians look the same to me.
I don't, though I'm sure I'd need them if I got my eyes checked.
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All the time, otherwise I can't see a damn thing. Everyone else in my house does too, except my mom, who wears contacts. However, she does wear glasses in the morning and when reading though.
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I wear glasses pretty much all the time.
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I don't need glasses, I just walk into things because I am clumsy.

I know quite a few people who wear glasses, though.
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I have to wear glasses all the time. I'm wearing them now, but I'll put in contacts later on when I'm going out.
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