Hi there!

I have an old Strat replica that i want to make a couple of mods on. Most of all, i'd like to install a fixed bridge (it has a standard strat tremolo so far) and make it a string-through. So i thought about installing a hard tail bridge (or perhaps even an LP-style tune-o-matic one) and simply drilling new holes for the strings an inch or so behind the existing tremolo cavity (and of course putting in a die-cast string retainer thing from the back).
I've read about fastening the trem with a wood block, but i wanna go further.

Anyone got experience with that?
Lookin forward to your answers,
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i am well aware of the fact that the scale needs to be retained and that i can't put a new bridge just anywhere on the body...hence this thread.
You can fill the entire trem cavity with a wood block cut to exact size. Then you would simply mount the fixed bridge exactly where it belongs for proper scale-length. However, this involves stripping the finish, getting a block exactly sized to fit (harder than you'd think), and refinishing the body.

Alternatively, you could get some wood and make your own body. I would probably do this, it's not much more involved than filling the trem cavity, if you have the right tools.