I'm at school and can't get on the Dimarzio website to find a wiring diagram, can aanyone help? Its for the Dimarzio X2N going into the bridge position of a Gibson Flying V. Thanks.
umm, could be wrong but isnt the X2N a active? if so you know u cant put a active with a passive (neck)?, well not easily anyway.
the x2n isnt active.

why cant you just wait til your home?
or you could just try the diff wires till it works... and isnt coil tapped.

i think someone might have a diagram, though.
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Are you wiring with just one bridge pup, a bridge and a neck, HSH, what?

Sorry man, but we can't give you the right diagram without you telling us how it's currently wired.
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Also, Ultimate Wiring thread. Look in the first few posts FIRST to see if you find what you need, if not THEN make a post asking specific questions, giving specific details.

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