Hello, i am new here and i am sorry if i posted in the wrong section.
I recently got an electric guitar, but couldn't get an amp for it. I am using my PC ( guitar rig 3).
My problem is that i usually get a huge noise that won't stop unless i unplug the guitar. It starts on it's own, even if i don't touch the guitar, and it usually starts in under 1 minute from plugging it in the PC. Any idea what i can do to stop this from happening?
It's either bad grounding/shielding on the guitar, or terrible internal noise from your PC. See if it feeds back with just the cable plugged in. If it does, then it's not the guitar. Then make sure you don't have a million things plugged into the circuit your PC is on.

If you've checked both of those, then either your PC is generating a ton of noise (you can check that by recording for a minute or so with nothing plugged in), the wiring in your house is terrible, or the software is terrible.

You can also try Audacity, just to see if it's the software.

If it's the wiring, your only option is to get a 'power cleaner' or whatever they're calling it from Monster or another company. They're like 70 bucks, but totally worth it. I don't notice a huge difference on my amp (old wiring here too), but I do notice a huge difference when recording with my PC.
On Guitar Rig, turn down your input in the software, should reduce noise.

Make sure to use the line in (blue input) of your sound card, handles it better.

If it's your cable, maybe buy a jack to mini jack cable. I could help/

Make sure to run the ASIO4ALL Driver as the sound device.

If you've covered these and the fault is, like the guy said above with wiring in the guitar or the cable you are using. But it also could simply rest on your PC's processing power.
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