i got a few things to sell and instead of having a bunch of threads heres one of all i have at the moment.

Mesa Single Rectifier Solo Head Series I w/ slip cover and original footswitch. $825 paypalled and shipped.

Mesa Oversized Recto 412 vintage 30's(pickup only) $500 obo

Jackson PS-4 (complete or in parts) screamin demon tb-12 at the bridge and stock pu's at the mid/neck position.

Complete-$200 paypalled and shipped

Body-(incl. pickups,electronics,trem posts, control cover,strap buttons, neck plate and screws) $65 paypalled and shipped

Neck-(incl. nut, locks, and tuners) $135 paypalled and shipped

Bridge- jt-500 w/bar $40 paypalled and shipped

Boss Micro BR (practically new) $115 paypalled and shipped

Ibanez Hardshell case. i believe this is for an ibanez s, but my rg fit it fine. $66.66 paypalled and shipped.

a set of humbuckers from an epi lp gothic(floyded version) $35 paypalled and shipped

i think that covers all i got right now. only lookin to sell at the moment. thanks.