For christmas im asking for a BOSS chorus effect pedal. Im prob going to be buying a new amp. its going to be a crate, i just dont alot about it, i know it just sounds good.
The point of this is me asking is the BOSS chorus good? Im going to be playin like Nirvana's Smells like teen spirit solo and Aerials by SOAD. Thanks fellas. peace
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whats your budget for your amp and pedal?

and location?
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Kurt Cobain used an Electro-harmonix Small Clone - for that really lush chorus sound.
I'm not a big fan at all of any type of Boss Chorus - I'd recommend you at LEAST try out the Small Clone first -

or if you can find it - an Arion Stereo Chorus. You can only get them used, but if you're lucky it could run you anywhere from 15 to 30 bucks. It's a cheap pedal in a plastic enclosure - but its an AWESOME chorus pedal - it's what I use and I've owned a few different choruses, including Boss and Ibanez.
Small Clones are the great and pretty standard. I like mine but I'm eventually gonna replace it with a vintage Clone Theory, which Kurt Cobain used also. Check out old Boss chorus pedals like the CE-2, and the Arion SCH-1 is great too.

I'm pretty sure Daron Malakian doesn't use any chorus...
Do not get the CE-5 or whatever is the newest. If you get a Boss Chorus the only ones that'll do are the CE-1 and CE-2.

But I'll say go for the Small Clone. It's cheaper, has better bypass and sounds better. Downside is that it's not as adjustable as the Boss.

tl;dr Go for the Small Clone.
Yeah, like everyone's said, go for the EHX Small Clone. It's the best in its price range.
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i dunno, i prefer the tonerider one, the small clone was a bit dark for me. But it is the one on come as you are, as far as i'm aware, so if that's the tone you want...
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alright fellas thanks! im guna get the small clone. thanks
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DOD Death Medal Distortion pedal
Fender Squire amp *BOO*
Small Clone is the first pedal I ever heard that I would describe as sounding "beautiful". It's the best chorus effect I've ever heard.

Edit: You decided already. Good choice, though!
As much as people love to slag it off, I tried loads of choruses in the studio and ultimately wound up using a CH-1 with all the knobs set to 11- I then went out and bought one. Sure, it sounds 'cold', but that's the general sound of chorus in modern music.

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