just a bluesy rock number done on the acoustic. my laptops screwed so had to rescue this before final mix and mastering but it should be enough to give you an idea. any thoughts? will c4c (any style)



Great tune man. Would would to hear it with some backing, would be really sweet! Voice and guitar work is equally quality. Some of the phrasing of the lyrics in a couple of places could be better but apart from that I think its spot on. The bit at 2.40 is especially sweet!

Your other tunes are sweet aswell.
I think this stands alone really well as it is. I really dig the amount of rhythm you put into your playing, gives the song a really organic feel. Nice work with the vox as well, ultra smooth. Could maybe use a bit more high end, but they aren't muffled or anything. At first I was taken aback by the breakdown (around 4 mins or so) but it doesnt drag on so it actually provides a nice little segway away from the main riff. If I could sugest any one single thing, it would be to overdub a nice blusey solo in there somewhere, right after the breakdown would be awesome.
Overall excellent job though, a really solid recording.
A very nice track I must say, good job! I really like how you kind of play with our ears between the guitar and then the vocals in the different channels before bringing it to the center. My only suggestion would be to maybe have a better transition going into the breakdown. You transitioned out of it fine, but going in kinda seemed awkward, though really I'm being rather nitpicky here. Keep up the good work man, you have some great music! If you want to give my latest a quick crit here it be: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1235553