Hey guys, im looking at getting a tube amp to replace my current POS(mg15..) but i really don't want to get ripped off. I live in Australia, so not only is our range pretty limited, but they hike the price too. I tried looking on Ebay but the range was not so good and most didn't ship internationally. Is there any websites that have a good range and will ship internationally without charging through the ass for the amp and shipping??

PS To those that say "by the time you ship it pay customs etc etc it will end up being more than buying it locally" spare me please. The Australian dollar is really good against the US right now and i have bought heaps of stuff from overseas and have never been stung with customs. So the only variable really is shipping.
i'm in the same position as you. looking to buy an amp without being ripped off.
unless you're buying some high end stuff, don't bother. since shipping could cost you as much as the amp you're buying.

among US distributors Axepalace and Rebelamps ship overseas.
from UK Coda Music. that's all i know.

you can always use Musician's Friend or GC even though they don't ship overseas. just buy through package forwarding services like Bongo or Forwardit.

keep in mind that your warranty prolly won't work.

tube amps are heavy. shipping's gonna cost you 200 USD more or less.
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Thomann ship worldwide, don't know what they're costs will be like to Australia though seeing as its a German company. Probably best to go American.