So I play guitar in my school jazz band, but at the moment, I have been using my schecter hellraiser c-1 not the best for Jazz.

My friend offered to sell me his Gretsch G5120 for $300-$400 which he bought from guitar center new about 6 months ago.
He has the orange one: http://www.guitarcenter.com/Gretsch-Guitars-G5120-Electromatic-Hollow-Body-with-Dual-Coil-Pickups-103867990-i1166376.gc

I have been reading and it seems that this guitar has a more "rockabilly" type tone to it. I know that it still would be an upgrade from the schecter, but should i consider it? How about reccomendations for switching pickups? How much would a pickup switch cost?
You have an 85 or an 89 in the neck?

Roll your tone control back.

Of course, it's always better to have a guitar with a nice PAF copy or something of that ilk in the neck for jazz, so find a guitar you can do that with.

I'd go for a les paul or something - they WERE originally meant as a jazz guitar after all.
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Your Schecter on the neck position clean with the EMG 85 or 89TW should sound sweet and jazzy....I know it works fine for that sort of thing on my Godin LG EMG and Schecter Hellraiser pre-coiltap version.

My recommendation for a top Jazz guitar on a budget is the Godin Kingpins...handmade in Canada hollowbody w/P90 neck pickup, it goes for about $600 CDN, so maybe $550 U.S. would be around the price, and they sound fantastic
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if you like the guitar just make the pickup switch.. currently ive got a jackson rr-5 and the stock pups i got with it were both duncans... the one in the neck is a duncan jazz pickup however though... its got the crisp humbucker sound but you can still get the warm jazz tang on a clean channel that i find is just fantastic... play around with a few guitars and remember what kind of pickups youre liking the sound of... id really recommend a duncan jazz in the neck though and it still leaves you with gnarlyness in the bridge for the heavier stuff you want to rip
Sorry, to clarify, i meant changing the pickups on the Gretsch if i bought it. I love the EMG's, wouldnt want to lose them
about how much would a duncan jazz pickup cost? are there any other comparable pickups that i could put in?
MIM Strat mate. right around that price range, get the HSS too. that neck pup has the warmest tones ive ever heard
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