ok, I have been looking around for a new guitar (I have a budget of around £600-£800) and these 2 guitars semm really good, other than the fact nowhere in my area seems to stock them (or anywhere in the uk for that matter)
So can you guys give me some feedback on these guitars, and possibly reccomend some other guitars in the price range? (non floyd rose, I like my fixed bridges)

Currently playing a rip-off Lp through a Vox ad15, I play mostly heavy rock/metal, but do like to play the blues
well the only differences (i think ) are inlays, the pickups and the hellraier has coil tap.

Overall i would say hellraiser but meh your call
People are going to tell you to go with the blackjack because the pickups are 'better' and that the EMG's on the hellraiser are 'sterile'. But I prefer the glossy finish of the hellraiser and the EMG's are great for me.

Play them both and see what you think because some people have strong opinions about the EMG's and other's just read these opinions and jump on the bandwagon.
Blackjack ATX for sure.
It feels better. The neck is faster and non-sticky as opposed to the sticky neck on the Hellraiser. and it has a smoother sound which is less harsh than the Hellraiser. The pickups are more versatile, giving better cleans than the Hellraiser which is good for your Blues playing and the ATX has an Ebony Fretboard which I LOOOOOVEE.
I faced the same problem some months back and chose the ATX. I'm so glad I did
This is a thread I had started:
hmm, I am leaning toward the atx
how about the c-1 classic? I've heard good things
such I shame I can't try any of these out
the c-1 classic is extremely versitatile. ive play all three (c1 classic, atx, and hellraiser) and i prefer the classic. It looks better imho, pickups have great cleans, and they sound pretty good on distortion for not being active. the fretboard is to die for :3 haha but yeah, its personal preferece
Schecter C-1 Classic in Seethru blue <333
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The Classic is meant more for Jazz than Metal though. Can't compare it to the ATX if you want to play heavier stuff.
Go for the ATX