Ok guys. I don't really understand tube amps yet. I might buy one soon or get a Pod X3 Live. I need to know if maintainance of a tube amp is difficult
Suppose I buy a 6505+ head and a 2x12 Mesa rec, then how difficult will it be for me to maintain it ? What do I need to know ?I dont Understand terms like Bias and stuff.

Also how difficult will it be to transport the head and cab to gigs and jams ? Would I be better off buying a Pod X3 Live and buying a tube amp later on when I really need it ?
I currently own a Schecter C-1 Blackjack ATX and a Line 6 Spider III 150Watt amp

I also live in India and will not be able to try out the 6505+ before buying it but I am +ve I will like it
I play mainly metalcore if that helps
My Gear
-ESP truckster
-Ibby RG 7 string
-Mesa/Boogie Studio Preamp (Mk2C+ mod)
-Mesa/Boogie 50-50 Stereo Poweramp
-Mesa/Boogie Vertical 2x12 (C90 and EVM)
As long as you observe basic rules of taking care of an amp (dont throw it around, let the tubes warm up for a minute or so, always have a proper speaker load when the amp is on) you will be fine. Just use common sense and take care of it, most amps are built to take abuse, so if you treat it well it wont brake on you. But your tubes will burn out with use, if this happens take it to a tech, he will worry about biasing and such.
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Tubes aren't that difficult to maintain really and they're less fragile than people seem think. There are a few golden rules to maintaining them that basically boil down to:
1)Let it warm up before turning it on fully.
2)Don't turn it on without a speaker load attached.
3)Don't throw it around like a madman.

Other than that you'll probably only need to change the tubes at most once a year and possibly once every 2-3 years if you only use it at low volumes and infrequently.

Biasing your amp is important if you want it to sound exactly perfect. But really, its not so big of a deal.

And read the stickied tube thread.
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Whats a Speaker Load ? :P

That would be the Mesa rec 2x12. Your speaker cabinet.

You don't want to turn your amp on without speakers attached, it can be damaging. You also want the correct impedance on your speaker cabinet.
What's correct impedance ?
I dont know any technical terms when it comes to GG&A so please help me out =P