I posted something here a few weeks ago, but now things are more critical. I just scored a Black Heart Little Giant on Craig's List. I'm getting it tonight. I was hoping to use an old Crate combo, a 2 x 12, to run the BHLG through (at least for now). I understand that I can just wire the speakers to an input plug.

I'm not really fluent with these things though...if I have 2 speakers, each 8 ohms ..how should I wire them up? And would they then be 4, 8 or 16 ohms? I'm handy with a soldering iron, I just need a little guidance. In envision simply disconnecting the speakers from Crate Head, (just clips), and wiring in my own little circuit with the appropriate plug/receptacle. Is it that simple?
Ignore the graph at the top of this. There are two diagrams with two speakers. I recommend you wire the two 8 ohm speakers in series to achieve 16 ohms total.

You'll need a 1/4" jack and some speaker wire. If you don't have a speaker cable, get one or build one. DO NOT USE AN INSTRUMENT CABLE TO HOOK UP THE HEAD TO THE SPEAKERS!!!!!!!

If you need anything clarified I'll try to answer, or check out this:

The diagrams above are correct for your speaker wiring. However the Little Giant has outputs for 4, 8, and 16 ohm. So any way you wire it, it will work.
The reason I recommend wiring it for 16 ohm is that way you will utilize your entire output transformer. It will sound a little better that way.
^ i would recomend the same for the same reason. utilizing all of the windings usually helps the overall tone.

as for hooking up speakers together and finding the impedance, there are actually only two equations you need. pretty much works for any impedance actually, just gotta know what you are doing.

First one is for series: just add them. 8 ohm + 8 ohm = 16 ohm. easy as that.

next one is for parallel. the total impedance is the inverse of the sum of the inverses. sounds complex, but is really simple.
1/( 1/8 ohm + 1/8 ohm ) = 4 ohm
or to put it another way,
1/8 + 1/8 = 1/4

any purely resistive component will be the same. well, by that i mean any component that is modeled purely resistively. you can actually use the same formulas for inductors and capacitors, you just have to use imaginary numbers and a placeholder for frequency.

TMI? sorry
Fantastic advice, folks. This should be just what I need. So, while this stop-gap will work for now, I can either buy or build an extension cabinet. A DIY one is intriguing because I happen to have a garage full of woodworking stuff.

My google-fu is weak, I searched for DIY Extension cab, and I'm not finding what I had hoped: design specs/dimensions, and speaker recommendations. I see that www.partsexpress.com sells Eminence speakers. Are those good? I will be probably playing a lot of blues, since I've found a local blues musician who is willing to take me under his wing.

edit: It's hard to argue with $150 for a Blackheart 1x10 cab though: Linky .

That brings to mind though...what are the benefits of going with 1 x 10" speaker or 2 x 10" or 1 x 12" or 2x 12"?

Found some online plans...
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OK trying to figure out what type of jack I need:

Will this work?


That will work, but I'd recommend something higher quality than just a guitar jack. Switchcraft is great, I believe they make one specifically for speaker cabinets.

No, that's for attaching a cable to, for make a speaker cable extension or whatnot.
I do see they mention a panel mount version, that would work.
Although I believe that is a TRS, which is redundant, I would look for a panel mount TS (mono) plug. Locking is a great idea, though!

Also, do I need stereo or mono jacks/connectors...I think mono.

Mono is right.