Ok so I am going to start giving lessons to a couple friends. 2 of them have never played guitar in their lives, one knows very basic things such as open chords that's about all he knows. So he may just want to start over. My question is what do you guys recommend to start with I would like to be able to get better and maybe get a job doing lessons but I have no clue what to start people on...

Person 1
Likes radio stuff
Person 2 (Knows Chords)
Like Progressive, classic stuff
Anything from country to metal

don't know if that will help.

Sorry guys for questions like this Im just looking for some tips/advice stuff like that

Thanks guys and gals
get a lesson plan together man, i'm telling you

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Teach them the acronyms to read music and clap rhythms. Then teach them what a scale is.

Any new students I've been getting recently, I've gone with the christmas theme of jingle bell rock. Also, I've got Rock around the clock, in Bb. Which allows me to teach them 12BB and gets them to incorporate riffs, scales and chords to add variety in their practise routine.

A lot of people (including me) get really bored if they're practising the same thing for a week, so give them a few things to practise.

Homework I usually set:
Get these bars done,
Clap the pulse to this song and tell me how many bars in the chorus and time signature.
Play this chords

Rhythm is a lot of guitarists biggest problems. So make sure they get it early on. make sure they're tapping their foot.
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