I soon have confirmation and probably get like 10 000+- Kr (Around 1800 USD)

So i want a new bass (I prefer a 5 string). I got a Epi T-bird right now, im happy bout it uncept it was realy hard to get a hardcase to it, and it tok like 4 month for the local music shop to get one.

I've been looking on a LTD F-105, but i dont know. The thing bout the epi is that it only fits to like rock (mostly), i want a bass i can play different genres, but mostly i play rock/metal.
look at fenders and maybe yamaha or ibanez. you could probably get a nice used warwick for that price as well.
Ibanez, Spector and Warwick.

I'd really look at some Warwick models.
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1800 USD gives you a lot of options. Ibanez SR4005E Prestige, G&L L2500, Musicman Stingray 5 or Bongo 5, Fender MIA Jazz 5 string, all good options. The Spector mentioned above is fantastic, and since a Warwick $$ 5 string is $1900, you could try and find a regular 5 string corvette, that should fit nicely into your budget. This is of course, assuming bass prices aren't ridiculously inflated where you live.
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Hmm, well, I would suggest that you look into some Spectors or used warwicks if you can find any, but also, I would recommend any used Listerud basses if you find any. They're handmade by a really good luthier in Norway, and I have tried one of his basses, and I would heartly recommend them.
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For US$1,800.00 I would recommend either the U.S.A.-made Fender Jazz 5-strings or The Music Man 5-string basses. You could pick any of these up new for that amount of money...over here, that is. However, I don't know how much these basses cost in your country. I know that some countries get stuck with a huge import duty on U.S.A.-made instruments.