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A tia woman
Without music, life would be a mistake.
Friedrich Nietzsche

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I love you for that thread...

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I am now mentally scarred by the image of Peter Crouch getting penalised.
I don't think about Christmas until half way through December.
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yea man, who ever doesnt like pantera or think they suck doesnt like metal, end of discussion, they changed the freakin world n made history, so don't be sayin they suck, have respect, same goes for machine head n lamb of god cuz their good too
im hoping to get a weezer snuggie! damn how i want one...
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Yay somebody got it!!!

Thats what i get for owning all four seasons of futurama!

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She's a fucking vampire! Hit that shit with a stake.
Hot Dog Toaster. =]
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Dude, if you were a lesbian asking out another lesbian in a man forum we would be going crazy too.
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just because you're a girl and you get more pussy than me doesn't give you the right to brag.
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Probably get a few driving lessons to start me off, then I'll start paying for my own like...

make sure you get practice in a friends car otherwise you might need 20/30 or so lessons.

..No love for me.
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All I know is that if UG were a prison, all of us will either be dead, a prison bitch, or a dead prison bitch.

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..No love for me.

If it were socially acceptable, I would drape myself in velvet.

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When I was 11.

Googled "I would like to watch some porn please"

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I;m rdruk I feel no pain

Either some money to go towards an Ibanez RG and an amp, or some games (Modern Warfare 2 , Left 4 Dead 2, etc)
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I usually just get some Dvd's or Cd's from relatives. Then one big present from my parents, maybe a Ps3, or possibly something less nerdy. I'm undecided. And my parents said I don't have to go to mass this year, which is pretty awesome.
I'm house-sitting for my parents over Christmas, so naturally I’m planning some kind of orgy. Expect to see ads on Craigslist soon.
maybe one of those epiphone les paul customs Alpine white with gold hardware....
Or nothing...
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Put a piece of tape on the headstock and write "Gibson" on it.
If done properly, this should quadruple your sustain.

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That post is probably the deepest, wisest, most mature thing to ever spill forth from the Pit.

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Plum Team FTW!

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hopefully the money for a blackstar ht-5

Totally kick arse amp!

Well I got a laptop in september to do 6th form stuff on, so that counted as a present for christmas.

Im guessing a load of CDs/ DVDs
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I'm going to take this opportunity to initiate my campaign to replace the phrase "Taking a shit" with "Busting a grumpy."

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Disregard that,i suck cocks.
Nuffink. I've already told my parents I don't expect anything anyway. I might treat myself to a USB-Midi interface (Or keyboard) though.
🙈 🙉 🙊
i'm a poor not much, i think i might be going to paris but thats it ....

In all serious.....-ness

Your mother
They made me do push ups in drag

I'm gonna have a really hard time if we're both cannibals and racists.

Don't dress as a whore, he'll thump you.

I'm a firework, primed to go off
hopefully a mario lemieux jersey, thats it. maybe get to go home for xmas? who knows
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um either golf clubs or a system for my car....which one!?

The soundsystem. Golfclubs dont attract women.
multicolour random messge!

FAC 13
"The hacienda must be rebuilt"
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The soundsystem. Golfclubs dont attract women.

Without music, life would be a mistake.
Friedrich Nietzsche

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I love you for that thread...

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I am now mentally scarred by the image of Peter Crouch getting penalised.
R.I.P. M.C.A.
Tweet at me bro
lushacrous loves you
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Don't be ludicrous, lushacrous.
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that joke regarding your username was NOT originally posted by blake1221. That was a Gunpowder original.

I'm going to probably be getting airsoft stuff, and maybe a game, partially gifts to myself =(. Getting old sucks =/.... mostly....
The new biffy clyro album and either left 4 dead 2 or call of duty modern warfare 2 would be awesome.
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I dunno. My Mum has texted me if I wanted a panini grill (which would be amazing) and has asked what books I want.

George Foremans do decent panninis i bought a pannini thing and it wasnt much better really.