Ok, so I'm looking to buy a new amp and I'm a little confused about what I should do. I am almost ready to get a new guitar (haven't decided yet really) but I want to take care of the amp first. I generally play metal and some punk. My budget is around $200-300USD. Right now I have a Roland Cube 15w and I'm looking to go a little bigger.....but here's the problem....I live in an apt building and I can't play too loud all the time.

So basically my question is, is it worth it to spend that much money when about 1/2 the time I have to play a little quiet or if it's really early put my headphones on? I know alot of amps lose their sound when turned down because even my little cube does. Just curious to see any suggestions anyone has or if I should just hold onto my cube. Thanks.
the best thing you can get for that budget is a bigger roland cube with a rectifier channel. If your cube doesn't have the rec channel then it would be worth it, otherwise i would say to save your money for a better guitar
I say buy the biggest gd amp you can afford, you might not get to crank it as much as you like but atleast you'll know you could if you wanted too. I got a sweet deal on a 5150 combo years ago when really my skill level and my little house couldn't really justify an amp that big. Looking back i think it was a good decision seeing how I haven't had to go bigger yet and it really was a good deal. I'm a tubes guy personally and I don't see myself getting a new amp till I could afford an Orange rig. Maybe get some more money saved up till you can get a amp that can last you till you get a half stack or full stack. Personally i think you should try to get some good gear when your young because as you grow older it gets more difficult to find money you can blow on stuff like that.