Hi there! I'm gunner and I'm a spanish metalfan, I love a lot of foreign bands, specially metallica, gnr, the misfits... but I as you know just a few spanish bands are known in other countries, you may know Baron Rojo, Ska-P or Mägo de Oz, but I think that just like in other countries, here there're bands worth checking out. I know that you may not wanna listen to a band that sings in spanish, just like I don't like listening to a band that sings in french or russian (for example) cause I don't understand them, altough they may be great bands, so today I wanna talk about this spanish thrash metal band that sings in english, so you can understand it. it's called Angelus Apatrida and I think they're pretty cool. I'm not saying that bands from other countries are bad but it'd be cool if some spanish band was famous abroad. Listen to it and let me know wether you liked them or not. Cheers!
thrash and glam metal rule!!!
Desculpa, pero no lo gusto.

Doesn't seem very thrash. Just... Pantera wannabe's
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I think they're thrash but yeah, you're rite they also have groove songs.
thrash and glam metal rule!!!