I'm really interested in one. I played one ages ago over a year now. And i rememberd i loved the feel off it and all.
But I mainly played metal on it, back when I didn't play anything execpt Metallica lol,

I was curious how versitle is the guitar i know it has EMG's on it so, I mean i love playing things love Joe Satriani, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Fleetwood Mac, Gary Moore, Rory Gallagher along with Slayer, Megadeth, 'Maiden, Metallica.

So is the ESP LTD EC 1000 versitle?

Oh just to let you know when I play live I use a VOX stack amp, I'm not sure of the model since it's not at home!

Thank you!
yeah, not only is the finish on the seymour duncan one cooler (i think) but i think the passives would be more versatile for things other than metal. plus, they'd still be able to get you a nice metal tone when you want it
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Well atm im getting a cheap deal with the EMG's

you could always take the emg's out, or watch a rob chappers vid to see how to use emg's to bluesy rock
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you could always take the emg's out, or watch a rob chappers vid to see how to use emg's to bluesy rock

Oh chappers is a ledgened could u post me the link please?
idk whyh people look at emgs as "metal only pickups" they sound great for almost. only setup that is probably "metal only" would be dual 81s but this one has 81/60 combo i have an old guitar world that came with a dvd and the tester used it for so many different styles and the guitar sounded great in all situations
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Given the right amp the pickups would be able to cover what you need but seeing as you're not sure as to what amp you have why not just try it out for a gig or go early for the sound check and see how you feel with the pickups. They can always be swapped out later and you should be able to recover some costs of the new pickups.